With a brand name ‘Skull Shaver’ you may be able to guess what the Pitbull Platinum might be specifically designed for, but just to eliminate any room for confusion: it is here to give you a close, angry doorman-style shave on your head and face. The Platinum is the third generation and the newest product from ‘Skull Shaver’ focusing on quality and durability with stronger components, better quality testing and IPX5 certified water resistance, so you can use it in the shower (do not submerge).

The Platinum comes smartly packed with both a North American two-prong plug and a standard UK plug. It has a 1,400 mAh lithium ion battery which will provide you with about 90 minutes of constant use and a high quality backlit LCD battery indicator that shines blue against the platinum body when the shaver is in use. It comes with a good quality travel case and a cheap, badly made soft case and our sample came with a rinse stand. The rinse stand is rather cheap: it feels fragile and I wouldn’t have much faith in it surviving too long. Other features include a travel lock to prevent it accidently switching on when on the move and a Wash Indicator. It can be used while charging and has a motor with turns up to 10,000 RPM.

The Blades are ‘Pitbull Universal Blades’, integrated into five large and flexible shaver heads with rotary cutters that allow you to move the shaver comfortably in any direction. The main body has been designed around an ergonomic grip, making it secure in your hand and very easy to reach all areas of the face and head without discomfort. The Pitbull Platinum smoothly travels over your skin without catching and it can be used with a dry or wet shave. When you have finished shaving, the Pitbull can be cleaned by filling the rinse stand with water and running the blades.

It is the accessories that let the product down: the charger, rinse stand, and soft case are all cheap and flimsy, however the shaver itself has good construction quality, it looks great with its LCD display and handles really well. It also provides a pretty close shave, not as close as a razor but still very close, and is quick and seamless to use. RRP £249.99

4.5 out of 5

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Close, quick and smooth shave

Grip friendly design

90 minutes cordless operation

LCD battery indicator

Travel Case included

Travel Lock


Poorly made fabric case

Cheap charger and rinse stand