From the people that brought you the Bare, the Muse from Smoothskin is larger and more powerful IPL (intense pulsed light) hair remover, created to help break the hair cycle and prevent regrowth, and resulting in permanent hair reduction. It is currently the most powerful home IPL hair removal device on the market, it comes with the SmoothSkin Muse, quick start sleeve, support programme invitation, storage bag, mains cable and power supply and it is suitable for legs, bikini line, underarms and face. It works with most skin tones and hair colours but is not recommended for very dark skin, or white, grey, very blonde or red body hair, so check with the website before purchasing.

The IPL works by sending light energy into the melanin in the hair shaft, this is then converted into heat energy which disables the follicle preventing further growth. The treated hairs naturally fall out between a few days to two weeks, you will still need to use your regular hair removal treatment during this time if you want a smooth hair free finish. The Muse is easy to use, it scans your skin before each flash and automatically selects the right light intensity for your skin tone, you can choose between Stamp mode, placing the Muse on the skin for each treatment, or Glide mode where you can slide the Muse between treatments, unlike the Bare there is also a Gentle mode for treating sensitive areas and the built-in UV filter prevents skin damage. Unlike some IPL machines the Muse has unlimited flashes and also offers a 90day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied, a full body treatment takes just 20 minutes, it doesn’t use chemicals or gels and it quite painless, you will feel a prickling sensation similar to pins and needles.

For the best results it is recommended to use the Muse every week for 12 weeks to ensure all hair follicles are treated then after the initial 12 treatments, to maintain results you simply top-up as required, usually once every 4 to 8 weeks. You can go for longer between treatments than the Bare due to the 6J/cm2 power rather than Bares 3 J/cm², the flashes are slower with only 50 shots per minute instead of 100. After a few weeks of treatment there were already signs of reduced hair growth, the hair was fine, looked light and took longer to fill out, the aim is as time goes on, you will be able to completely replace your shaving routine. If you have to have patience, time, and the ideal skin conditions for a hair free result, there is a long list of dos and don’ts -  moles and tattoos are an issue so do your research before coughing up £400.

4.6 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Most powerful home IPL device

Lasts longer between treatments

Easy to use

Stamp Glide and Gentle modes

Unlimited flashes

Strongly built device



Takes time and dedication

Not suitable on a variety of hair and skin issues