I was probably about twelve before my parents trusted me to sit in the back of a car without an emergency bucket and blanket on the back seat, my travel sickness was hideous, every holiday, day out, and trip to the shop was at risk of being spoiled with the cries of “QUICK, PULL OVER”. As an adult I seem to have more of a handle on things, but put me in the back of a bus or look at my phone for more than 30 seconds whilst sat in the car and that creeping feeling on my skin and lurching sensation in my stomach soon raises its head (on my lunch). The EmeTerm Antiemetic bracelet from Wat Medical aims to provide a safe, effective and drug-free way of treating nausea and motion sickness. So how can a bracelet do all this? This is no ordinary bracelet, tucked into the inside of the strap is a specialised electrode (don’t freak, it isn’t painful) and this produces a low-frequency electric current onto the wrist (seriously, it doesn’t hurt) and this helps to prevent the feelings of nausea. Nausea and vomiting are caused by transmission of a nausea signal to the stomach via the brain, which causes the stomach to contract irregularly, resulting in vomiting (I stole this from their website, I thought it was evil spirits).

The EmeTerm releases a low-frequency pulse which can adjust the vagus nerve signals traveling to and from the stomach, this can then prevent or postpone it from receiving nausea signals, slowing down the irregular gastric contraction and reducing the nauseous sensation, thus breaking the cycle. The EmeTerm is suitable for all types of motion sickness including car sickness, sea sickness, and VR dizziness, it can also help with altitude stress, vomiting induced by chemotherapy and it is even safe to use to treat morning sickness. The wrist strap will fit wrists 5.1”-7.8” in size and is made from hypo-allergenic material, the whole thing has an IP65 rating making it completely dust-proof and water-resistant. The EmeTerm is comfortable once on (placed two finger widths away from the bottom of the palm) but such a pain in the butt to do up, especially with one hand, can we get a regular watch strap style closure please, it is also a little on the bulky side and because the electrodes are situated on the inside of the wrist I found it caught on my laptop a couple of times whilst I was working. There are five levels of intensity to choose from that can be adjusted up and down the with the button, you can also check the charge level with this button, each full charge will get you seven hours of use. For someone who is all too familiar with the misery of nausea and motion sickness I was impressed with this device; who knew a slight tingling sensation in the wrist could have such a positive effect on motion sickness? I managed to play on my phone for an entire road trip and my pregnant friend borrowed it for the afternoon and was also convinced of its effectiveness. RRP £79.99

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4.8 out of 5


Helps ease symptoms of nausea and prevent vomiting

Easy to use


Drug-free treatment

Seven-hour battery life

5 adjustable levels

Pain free


Awkward strap closure

Slightly bulky