We can all agree that vacuuming is up there with washing up and ironing in the list of things we would rather not be doing, however any chore can be vastly improved with the right tools, the Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner from Bosch gives you the possibility of continuous runtime due to the exchangeable battery pack and quick charger. The battery (interchangeable with all Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Systems) provides you with 18v of power and it comes with a range of accessories to allow you to tackle all types of areas including your stairs, ceiling and car. The All Floor HighPower Brush and DigitalSpin Motor let you clean both carpets and hard floors, it has two power modes: normal and turbo, the normal mode is ok for light dirt but we found ourselves continuously using the turbo mode and with that interchangeable battery you don’t have to worry about running out of juice. You get up to 60 minutes on normal mode with non-electrical accessories, up to 45 minutes on normal mode with electrical floor nozzle and up to 7 minutes on turbo mode with electrical floor nozzle, with the battery receiving a full charge in just one hour.

The Cartridge Filter with Pure Air membrane and Hygienic Filter means it produces extra clean exhaust air and the filter is easy to clean out with the RotationClean. There is 0.9L capacity and comes with: wall mount, 2-in-1 furniture brush, upholstery nozzle, combination nozzle, XXL crevice nozzle, quick charger and two exchangeable battery packs. With the tube and floor nozzle this vacuum weighs 2.9kg, which makes it a bit of a lump, but with the floor brush attached it moves comfortably around the house. The brushes on the main floor units don’t reach as close to the skirting boards as we would like but you can easily switch out for the crevice tool to get to the edges. We found the Bosch Rechargeable Vacuum cleaner great for getting rid of pet hairs, dirt and dust, it was easy to use on the stairs, it is quiet to use and – not that it really matters – it looks great with its sleek white design. RRP £469.99

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4.5 out of 5


Easy to move around


Interchangeable batteries and fast charging

Powerful turbo mode

Works on a range of surfaces