When we brought our sweet little kittens home, we provided them with a little kitten litter box to do their little kitten business in. We had read that by putting the boxes by the cat flap, you can slowly teach them to go to the loo outside. Six years later and my cats will run indoors to use the litter tray and go straight back outside again, so that was a massive fail. So, knowing that we will be using litter boxes for the foreseeable future, we were more than happy to try out the Magic Blue Litter Box Jumbo from Catit.

The Magic Blue isn’t magic enough to make the grotty contents disappear - this name comes from the fact that each Catit Litter Box includes a free Magic Blue Cartridge set, which is a non-toxic litter box filter that absorbs and retains up to 80% of hazardous ammonia gases without adding forced chemical scents. The Cartridge set includes a reusable plastic holder and two filter pads for one month’s use (refills £7 for three months’ use). The Magic Blue Cartridge fits any covered litter box and attaches via the double-sided sticky pad and docking station. It has a cat proof lock (until they develop thumbs) and you can even sign up to the reminder service that will let you know when it’s time to reorder the filters. This Jumbo litter box is ideal for larger cats, and our two leggy boys took to is straight away. It quickly became the toilet of choice for both cats.

The clear two-way swinging door allows you to check the litter box without opening or touching it, but the downside is you may occasionally make eye contact whilst they are mid squat. The paw-safe front door has a large opening (10.4″H x 9.6″W) that folds back for easy scooping, and the overlapping sides and raised back prevents leaks even when spraying (cats often pee facing the door…same as us). All materials are BPA-Free.

The box has a white top half and dark base to camouflage stains. It is easily disassembled to clean, and the two parts are then locked back into place at four slider lock points, whilst the carry handle makes it easy to transport. The Magic Blue Litter Box Jumbo was a hit with our cats - they were even happy to share, and obviously appreciated the extra leg room. The filter worked well at keeping horrible smells to a minimum and it was super easy to clean, you can also the Magic Blue Filters separately at RRP £5 which will work in any hooded tray. RRP £34.99

Current Cheapest Price

4.5 out of 5


Jumbo size 22.4”L x 18.3”H x 17”W

Easy to clean

Large paw friendly transparent door

Magic Blue keeps smells to a minimum

Carrying handle

Slider locks for extra security

Filter reminder service