The Orbit 20 from Cubic Aquarium is not your average aquarium for keeping goldfish, this tank has been specifically designed for keeping jellyfish, whether it is in your home or on your desk at work (probably best to check with your boss first though), this will look spectacular. With a 23 litre capacity (6 Gallons) the Orbit 20 has been created for the use of juvenile or smaller jellyfish species and makes a good tank for beginners. With LED illumination it provides a beautiful and hypnotic scene. The Orbit is made from a tough acrylic and measures up at 380mm x 205mm (15"x 8"), it will house up to ten juveniles (2.5cm/1") or three small (8cm/3") jellies, the LED light can be operated with a remote control, so you can change the scene at a push of a button. The inbuilt mechanical and biological filtration has been engineered to create a flow in the tank that keeps your jellies away from the water outlets, the filtration system maintains the water quality providing optimal levels for your jellies to live. The filtration is tucked away in the outer ring of the aquarium to keep things neat and tidy, the water will pass through a sponge particle filter to clean out larger debris then it will pass over a porous, ceramic bio media where the bacteria is breaks down any unwanted chemicals in the water. The Orbit 20 comes with connections for the use of external equipment, so you can add a chiller or in-line heater for temperature control or an external filter which can be added to give you more options when making changes to the tanks water parameters. The Orbit 20 has a power consumption of approximately 15 watts and has customisable colour rings that are sold separately through Cubic Aquarium Systems stockists, they are held in place with magnets and makes the entire tank look like a submarine window. The tank is very easy to set up, everything you need is in the box making it a good choice for novices, the unusual shape, and adjustable LED lighting creates a striking piece for your little jelly friends to live in. Keeping jellyfish can be tricky, it will take time, research and money, they are live animals that should be taken care of and thought of not just as home accessory so, careful consideration should be taken before committing to keeping jellies. RRP $389

4.5 out of 5

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Looks great

Easy to set up

Filtration built in

Colour change LED light with remote


Suitable for first time pet jellyfish owners

Includes everything you need to get started