The Gtech Pro is Gtech’s first bagged vacuum cleaner with cordless design. It comes with four attachments, the Power floor head, Power brush, Dusting brush and Crevice tool, as well as 2 replacement bags. The bag helps to keep hygienic and dust free when maintaining your vacuum but will incur additional cost to replace them (£9.99 for a pack of 10), with the average household using between 4-8 bags a year. The bag will typically hold 1.5lt, which means you should be emptying it less than the bag free counterparts.

The main body is nice and light (just 1.4kg in the handheld configuration), with an angled handle that makes it easy and comfortable to move around with one hand. Suitable for everything from floor to ceiling, it is more than light enough to raise above your head. The ‘Power floor head’ worked well at picking up both small and larger pieces of dirt - as well as cat hair - whilst the ‘Power brush’ worked equally well in smaller areas like the stairs or car. It works just as well with the stick configuration as it does on handheld. The 22v Lithium-ion battery takes 4-hours to fully charge and will provide up to 20 minutes on the max setting and up to 40 minutes on eco, but with less impressive results on pet hair.

It’s not perfect, however: it is quite loud on both settings; it didn’t send my cats running upstairs but was enough to leave them glaring at me from the bottom step. Switching the attachments was a bit fiddly as they don’t pull apart or click into place very easily. There is also no wall mount and you can’t stand it up in the stick configuration. However there are some excellent features, such as you can completely remove the battery to charge it, so you can put away the rest of the hoover whilst its charging up; the brushes on the ‘Power floor head’ and ‘Power brush’ can be unlocked and removed to allow for cleaning, which is especially good for cutting out long hair like mine that seems to get everywhere!

The Gtech Pro is a good cordless vacuum: powerful and easy to use. You may even find yourself looking forward to cleaning the house!  RRP £249.99

4 out of 5

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Picks up pet hair well

Hygienic, hassle free bag 1.5lt bag


Easy to manoeuvre

Battery can be fully removed for charging

AirLOC technology picks up big and small pieces of dirt

Brushes can be unlocked and cleaned



Doesn’t stand with stick attached

Attachments had to remove and replace

Only four attachments (would have liked a good stiff brush)

No wall mount