Anyone can throw different liquids into a glass and call it a cocktail, but true Mixologist knows everything about the cocktail matters from the glass to the shape of the ice. The ICEBIRG PRO will provide you with, large (2.5”) perfectly formed ice balls, every single time. So why would you choose balls in your drink over cubes? It’s not the first time I’ve been asked that question, a sphere exposes less surface to the liquid with the same amount of volume as a cube of ice, the ice melts much slower this way, meaning all the pleasure of a chilled drink without the dilution. The ICEBIRG PRO is the product of 3+ years of research & development into pressing the perfect ice ball, yes that really was someone’s job. With the combination of science, engineering and style they have created the only affordable, professional-grade tool.

Featuring a high-performance drainage & pressure release system and matching ICEBIRG drip tray the ICEBIRG PRO is clean and easy to use, it comes with two copper casts for freezing your water, the copper material has been chosen because it purifies the water as it freezes, it doesn’t transfer any taste (unlike plastic and silicone) and will release the ice just from the heat of your hands. Once you pop your ice out, simply place it on the base of the PRO, line up the stainless steel rods and let gravity do its thing, excess water will come out of the top and spill over into the tray, and in less than a minute you have your perfect ice ball ready for any scotch of craft cocktail. For extra vanity points, purify the water before freezing for a crystal-clear ice ball, honestly it looks so cool (HA! ICE PUN! This is what they pay me for.) The whole process can be sped up by running the ICEBIRG under warm water before adding the ice. The ICEBIRG PRO is solid, it is beautifully crafted, has silicone feet to protect your work surfaces, cork feet on the tray to stop it sliding about on a wet bar, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is really addictive to use, you will be ice balling all over the place, ice ball ice tea, ice balls in the orange squash, ICEBALLS IN THE CATS WATER!!! RRP $299

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Quick and easy to use

Perfect 2.5” balls

Two copper ice casts included

High end materials

5 colours available

Matching ice tray

Weirdly addictive