The Nomad Espresso maker has been designed to allow you to enjoy a decent coffee where ever you are, suitable for at home, in the office, glamping, boat trips or picnics; if you have ground coffee and access to hot water you can have a real espresso coffee. The Nomad comes in four colour choices, a bold, green, blue or red as well as a subtler white. They all have a clean and glossy finish which looks great and high end. It has been designed with a classic hand operated lever machine which means no plugs, charging or batteries required, it also means it one less appliance to fight over your plug sockets at home. It is compact in size but a rather odd shape which makes it a little awkward for packing. It is lightweight which makes it more portable, but on the flip side, if it was heavier it would make it easier to pump without it moving around on the table top.

The Nomad Proprietary True Crema Valve compensates for coffee grounds and tamping variations so anyone can make a good espresso whether you use off-the-shelf ground coffee or uneven grinds from whirling blade grinders,  you will still get good results. The Nomad is super easy to use, place the ground coffee in the little dish, press it down with the included tamper, place it in the draw, add the hot water and pump the seesaw style handle, the Crema Valve on top will indicate when you are hitting the correct pressure for the perfect espresso. There is no question that this little machine produces a great little espresso, in a strange way the manual action is rather satisfying, the space under the spout is just high enough to fit an espresso cup but nothing larger so if you are making an Americano you will need to pour it into the espresso cup first. The biggest issue with the Nomad is the stonking great price tag, you will have to really love your coffee to cough up roughly £220. However, if you do have the cash kicking about you won’t be disappointed. RRP £220

4.5 out of 5

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Excellent coffee

Cool design

Fun to use

Easy to clean

High quality



Can’t fit a regular cup under the spout