There is this wonderful moment in one of the Harry Potter books when Professor Dumbledore cleans up an entire room with the wave of a wand, I could enjoy cleaning more if you could do everything in one clean swoop. I’m not saying the ROIDMI X20 is magic or can fix broken ornaments and remove dragon blood from your walls, but it can vacuum and mop up your floor in one go, leaving you more time to watch movies about wizards.

This two-in-one system works by using intelligent slow-drip technology and the wet fibre mop allows water to be absorbed, it comes in an attractive compact design, in white, which when wall mounted doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. The wall mount itself deserves a mention due to its magnetic design which connects it to the charger making it quick and easy to connect and charge and remove when it’s time to use. There is one button to activate the Storm, making it so easy to use, there is literally no excuse, it has a brushless digital motor with a speed of up to 100.000 RPM, which gives you a vacuum clean up to 415W and inhalation power is up to 115W. Powered by a rechargeable Samsung Lithium Battery you get a run time of up to 55 minutes in standard mode and 10 minutes in powerful suction mode, and it has a fast recharge time of just 2.5 hours.

The quadruple filtration system combined with the efficient filter PM2.5 can effectively absorb small particles up to 0.3nm, the built-in LED light automatically switches on in low light conditions, ensuring no spot goes unnoticed. There are plenty of accessories to play with including the standard electric brush, electric anti-mite cleaning head, the mop attachment, crevice tool, a smaller crevice tool on a flexible hose, a brush head and metal extension bar. There is a free app that can let you know the status of the filter and battery life, it’s mildly interesting but you can easily live without it, it weighs just 1.5kg, making it easy to carry around the house. Although it moves comfortably in your hand, it could get a little closer to the edges for our liking but overall performs well as a vacuum. As a mop however it doesn’t quite do it for us, there is no scrubbing involved just a very light wet wiping which won’t always be enough for very dirty floors, however, as a daily or weekly light clean this will probably be sufficient. The battery life, range of accessories, overall look and ease of use makes us like the ROIDMI X20 but as a vacuum/mop all-in-one deep clean it isn’t quite there yet.

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Good battery life and fast recharge

Attractive design with slim profile

Powerful suction

Magnetic wall mount and charger

Easy to use and manoeuvre

Lots of accessories included

Well suited for light wet cleans


Mop function needs more pressure for deeper clean