I didn’t realise quite the importance of kitchen scales were until a friend and I tried to make cookies without a set, how hard can it be right? Well the results were in fact incredibly hard, these cookies could cut glass, so to prevent emergency dentist trips its it best to invest in some reliable scales. Salter have been the UK’s number one brand for a long time when it comes to weighing scales, with just shy of 260 years’ experience you know you will be in safe hands with a set of their scales.

This limited edition Cactus Digital Scales have a cute and colourful Cactus design to brighten up your kitchen counter, it has the surface size of 15.8 x 22.5 cm and just is 1.7 cm in height which lets you place large bowls and plates on the scales and still see the reading, but without taking up too much space on your work surface or in your cupboard. Constructed from an ultra slim glass platform these scales are hygienic and easy to wipe down after use, it has a clear and large display of 5.6 x 2.5cm and is powered off an included CR2032 battery.

The hygiene weighing platform means you can weigh food directly onto the base or with a jug/bowl, there is also the Add & Weigh feature which means you can keep adding multiple ingredients into the same bowl.  There is an Aquatronic function that allows for measuring liquids in ml or fl.oz and it has an excellent build quality but also comes with a 15 Year Guarantee so you better not go off Cactus any time soon. These scales are accurate and provide you with readings in an ultra-fast time whilst looking sharp at the same time. RRP £19.99

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5 out of 5



Cool design

Large display

Hygienic measuring surface

Fast readings

Add and Weigh 'zero' function

Slim and compact for easy storage

Aquatronic function