In the middle of the summer me and my body have a battle when it comes to trying get to sleep, it’s warm so my body is saying, “We definitely don’t need a duvet as it’s way too hot,” whilst my brain is saying, “Are you kidding? If you aren’t covered up the monsters are going to get you!” When you have spent your entire life associating being covered up with going to sleep it is difficult to break that habit when it is hot. The Simba Hybrid Duvet aims to give you the warmth you need in the winter and the comfort/monster protection in the summer by offering an all-season design thanks to the three-layered composition of 100% Aerelle Cool Night polyester fibre filling, 100% BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) with Stratos finish top layer and 100% BCI cotton bottom layer and contains no animal products (plus it's 100% recycled and hypoallergenic). Available in single to super king sizes, it can be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures, you don’t have to attempt to decode the Tog rating because there isn’t one and the super-soft filling is stitched evenly into square pockets so there are no more lumps and bumps causing hot/cold spots in the night.

The temperature regulating Stratos outer layer and heat-dissipating fill are designed to keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night, the space suit inspired Stratos reacts to your temperature, absorbing your heat when you are warm and releasing it back to you as you cool down. The Aerelle Cool Night fibre is embedded with semi-conducting minerals that draw heat away from the body and the Quick-Fit “top” and “tail” tabs indicate which way around the duvet goes, which is great when a king and super king are slightly longer than they are wide. There is also a blue border on one side to indicate which side will keep the Stratos material and its effects closer to your skin. The Hybrid has been designed to work alongside your regular duvet cover. Already a big fan of the Hybrid Pillow, I was pleased to find the Duvet performed just as well as the pillow, it is thin and lightweight, it feels like a soft cloud covering you gently, both I and my partner remained at a comfortable temperature even though he is basically a radiator and he (affectionately) calls me an Ice Queen. The Hybrid is an all-in-one Duvet, suitable all year round, featuring high-quality construction and helpful details and temperature-regulating technology, an excellent bed fellow keeping the heat, cold and night monsters at bay. RRP £95

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4.5 out of 5


Stratos, Aerella Cool Night and BCI cotton layering

Temperature regulating

Lightweight and thin

Machine washable and tumble dryer safe

Top and tail indicators

Blue border indicators Stratos side

Suitable all year round