We have all seen the advert from that well known odour neutraliser spray…we will call it Fab-knees…and they have given us house proud types something else to worry about, the idea that you are so used to living in the stench of your own filth that you can’t smell it anymore, there you are believing your house smells like a bed of roses when you house guests are choking back the urge to vomit over the smell of locker room with a hint of cat litter trays, altogether a clever bit of advertising. The downside is if you cover your house in Fab-Knees you still won’t know if it has worked as it is odour less, so why not opt for replacing your own nasty smells with something more pleasant? The Jasmine aroma diffuser from Stadler Form will provide you with up to 21 hours run time from one filling, choose between Black, White, Berry or Lime designs, they have a tactile, soft touch coating and attractive simple bowl shape, if I’m going to be hypercritical (and I will as it’s a pricey product) the lid and base aren’t flush just above where the buttons are, but you wouldn’t know without touching it.

The box contains the power lead (I would love to see a battery option in the future to increase positioning options), the diffuser and instruction manual, no starter oils are included, which is a bit tight, so once you have got your oil (not compatible with alcohol-based scents) you can fill the Jasmine to the Max level indicator with water then add as little or as much of your favourite essential oil. Then simply plug in and press the on/off button, you will see the LED light up to indicate its ready to go, you can then press the other button to choose between Continuous mode (this is the “oh god we had a massive party last night and my parents are coming over soon” mode) this will last for seven hours or press the other button to activate continuous mode which will release the scent every 20 mins and switch off between use, this will last for 21 hours (this is the “my mates are coming over for the footy but I don’t want to look like I’ve tried too hard mode”), it will automatically shut off when empty on both modes. The ultrasonic technology transforms the water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist, you don’t even have to mix it together just drop the oil into the bowl. The Jasmine is a simple device that does exactly what it promises and does it well, you can play with different scents and just let it works its magic in a discreet way (no distracting “spritz” sounds, it is silent), transforming your stinky dwellings into an elegant and relaxing place to be. RRP £49.99

4.8 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Beautiful design

4 colours to choose from

Straightforward to use

Automatic shut off

Continuous or Interval mode


Very fine mist


No battery options

Slightly on the large side (13 x 9 x 13cm)

No oil included to get you started