Tala is an award-winning lighting brand that aims to create beautiful and stylish lighting that can help to mitigate climate change. This London-based studio focuses on the tension between sustainability, technology and design throughout their collections. These contemporary designs carefully select methods and materials based on their environmental impact, and remain committed to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Tala also donate a percentage of their revenue to reforestation programmes in the UK, the US and around the world. In the UK, Tala are partner with The Heart of England Forest on building and protecting a vast, new unbroken woodland of native, broad-leaf trees in the middle of England.​​

We received the Gaia LED bulb and the Brass Pendant. Starting with the Pendant, because you need somewhere to attach your bulb, this minimalist turned-brass pendant oozes style and will compliment any of the Tala bulbs that you choose. It features a three-metre black fabric-covered silicone cord with a 80mm x 25mm ceiling rose and E27 lamp holder. This pendant works with dimmable bulbs and the high sheen finish will fit in with a variety of interior designs. The Gaia is a big, beautiful bulb (something I didn’t think I would say today). the filament structure is striking and encased in a traditional blown glass body that is iron tinted to soften its hue. This means that the light that is produced from the bulb is rich and warm (2,200 colour temperature). The Gaia provides 480 lumens, 41W equivalent incandescent power and uses 6 watts helping you to save 90% on energy bill, as the LED bulb is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Gaia provides a beam angle of 360˚ and has an instant warm up time, whilst the 8 LED filaments are combined with a thicker phosphor coating, reducing and controlling glare and allowing you to display this beauty without hiding it under a shade.

The combination of the Brass Pendant and Gaia bulb produces a stunning lighting piece that adds style to the room as well as providing a cosy and luxuriant atmosphere. RRP £585

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5 out of 5


High quality materials

Environmentally conscious company


Beautiful bulb


Warm light output

480 lumens from 6 watt