The Vax Blade 2 Max 40V is a cordless vacuum cleaner complimented with a Tool Kit that includes a flexible, extendable crevice tool, tough dirt tool, dust brush, textile tool, stretch hose and storage bag, the Blade 2 is almost three times more powerful than any cordless vacuum Vax have produced. Without the Tool Kit you just get a crevice tool and dust brush so its definitely worth getting the upgrade, along with the tools you also get the charger, wall mount kit and a tool caddy, this is handy for clipping on tool to the unit for quick access when vacuuming, however it is a bit of a reminder that you can’t store any of the other tools on board which results in you travelling around your house with tools sticking out of your pockets or the waistband of your trousers.

The battery takes about 3 hours for a full charge which is quick when you stop to consider you get a solid 45 minutes of 40V suction up until the last second before the battery dies, this is easily enough time to get around the whole house, maybe even twice. It weighs 3.1kg which isn’t the lightest, but it balances well when the floor head is attached, the floor head is extremely flexible and manoeuvres effortlessly around the room, under furniture, into corners and up against the skirting boards. There is Boost Mode for increased power at the touch of a button, removeable 0.6L bin for ease of emptying and the Dusttracker LED headlights illuminate the area, letting you spot all the dust and dirt hidden in dark spaces.

 The extending tube can be fully removed to turn the Blade 2 into a handheld which is ideal for cleaning the stairs, car and upholstery, the filters can be removed and rinsed for maintenance. We loved the powerful suction the Vax Blade 2 provided but if could do with a few user friendly touches, for example it won’t stand up on its own, the handle could be angled for a more natural grip and the tools can be tricky to detach (not to mention there is no way to store more than one onboard), however the long battery life, ease or movement and boost function, make a lot of these minor issues easily forgettable. RRP £249

4.3 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Powerful, long lasting suction

Converts to handheld device

Functional tools include

Wall mount

3hour charge time

Flexible floor head

Balanced weight

Picks up pet hair


Doesn’t stand up on its own

Can’t store tools onboard

Tools can be awkward to detach