Victorinox are well known for making Swiss army knives so it makes absolute sense they should know what they are doing when it comes to making knives on a slightly larger scale. The 6-Piece Modern Cutlery Block certainly wouldn’t fit in your camping pack at 165 x 90 x 320mm but will look much more at home on your kitchen counter. The block itself has a nice weight to it at 1965g and feels very sturdy as you remove the knives, it is constructed from a durable beechwood that has been coated in anthracite lacquer. The issue with this is that on returning the knives to the block it can scratch the edges of the slots, and in two weeks there are already two noticeable marks on it, this also makes me concerned that the ends of the knives will be blunted.

There is a metal foot (with the Victorinox brand logo) to ensure the block remains stable and the compact, leaning design makes it easy to access all the knives whilst you prepare your meal. Included in the set are two Steak Knives ideal for for cutting meat in a table setting, as with all the knives in this set they are Swiss-made with stainless, wear-resistant steel blades and walnut wood handles, theses knives have a 12cm blade, are straight edged and comfortable in the hand. Next to the two Steak Knives is the Office Knife, this is your go-to knife for most jobs in the kitchen, it features a 15cm slim and pointed blade that cuts cleanly through all types of food and can be used for peeling and stalk or core removal. On the top row there is a Santoku Knife with a fluted precision edge, the 17cm blade can slice through meat, fruit and vegetables, whilst the fluted edge reduces friction and prevents food sticking to the blade. In the middle there is Carving Knife with a 22cm blade, it is best suited for carving, slicing and dicing even large cuts of meat and lastly there is the Bread and Pastry Knife. This knife has a 22cm blade with a wavy precision edge, it is designed for delicate baked goods however it also makes light work of hard-skinned vegetables like artichokes for example. You need to be a little careful when returning the knives to the block so as not to scratch it, and the small metal foot, although functional, looks a little out of place, I would just expect something a bit more aesthetically pleasing for the price tag. The knives are good quality, make light work of kitchen prep and feel comfortable and secure in your hands, a good staple product for any kitchen. RRP £550

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4.5 out of 5


Timeless knife design

Stable block

Comfortable and secure walnut handles

Quick to sharpen

High performing blades


Mixture of materials creates a messy design

Knife block can become scratched