iFi Audio GO Link


If you love listening to music but always feel like your headphones aren’t delivering the same high-quality sound that the original studio recordings do, then iFi Audio might just have the perfect little listening companion for you. The GO Link is designed to transform your audio quality and enhance every listening experience.

The GO Link looks very unsuspecting when you get it out of the box as it is such a small unit. But don’t let its small size fool you! The GO Link features some top-quality audio specs so you can immerse yourself in a powerful, detailed, and dynamic sound with every track you play. The unit is similar to a small USB in size and on one end is a USB-C type input adapter which is connected by a spiralled cable to the main body of the GO Link which has a 3.5mm audio jack. The flexible cable is made with silver-plated copper conductors with polymer insulation to make it both flexible and reliable for high-quality sound performance.

The GO Link, as the name suggests, provides the missing link for sound quality between devices such as mobiles/laptops and headphones. It does this through the inbuilt ES9219 Sabre DAC chip with Quad DAC+ Technology, which uses 32-bit Hyper Stream III DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter eliminator to provide seamless, undistorted and hiss-free audio. This powerful technology is what makes the GO Link so great at enhancing your listening experience.  

However, GO Link goes one step further with its high-end features as it doesn’t rely on a software-based volume control which is connected to your digital device. Instead, the inbuilt technology adjusts the volume via the DAC itself to help deliver greater sound performance because device volume controls can often adversely affect audio resolution.

I tested out the GO Link for a few days, and whilst I am not a hyper-critical person when it comes to audio quality, I was thoroughly impressed with the sound quality difference. I simply just had to plug in one end of the GO Link to my phone and the other I plugged in some wired headphones, and I was ready to start listening. I was surprised by how much clearer the tracks sounded with the addition of this little link. The lightweight design and flexible wire between the two ends gave me greater movement with my headphones without worrying that I would lose connection or be weighed down.

After using it for a few weeks, I would say it really is ‘the missing link’ if you are looking to upgrade your listening experience. This is even better if you have a device model which no longer has the traditional 3.5 mm audio jack because included in the box are USB and MFI lightning adapters meeting the needs of most device models. Therefore, even if you don’t have a traditional headphone port, the GO link is an excellent option for delivering an upgraded sound experience that you may be missing when using wireless headphones.

Overall, if you are looking to significantly step up your sound quality without needing to dive straight into the more high-end price points, the GO Link will make the most of every listening experience. The Go Link delivers all manner of headphones and in-ear monitors with top-quality sound and the innovative cable design makes it flexible, seamless, and unrestricted.  


  • Top quality technology built to deliver crystal clear sound
  • Innovative spiral cable design for ease of movement and sturdy connectivity
  • Suitable for USB, USBC and MFI lightning inputs so will work with most devices


  • Only can be used with wired headphones to ensure the sound quality which many may find a little cumbersome as many people have switched to wireless headphones/earphones these days – but for the sound quality and purpose the necessity for wired headphones makes sense