Lollipop Baby Sensor

Not too long ago, we reviewed and featured the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera – an extremely cute and useful baby monitor that came with Live View, Cry Detection and lots of other useful features, and could be wrapped around the bars of your crib or anywhere else you wanted to attach it. You can see our review of the Lollipop [here].

However, this camera isn’t the end of Lollipop’s ability to protect your baby. We were sent the Lollipop Baby Sensor – an add-on product that brings even more features for further monitoring your baby’s safety: a temperature sensor, an air quality sensor and a humidity sensor. As we’ve already explored, the Lollipop camera works just fine on its own, but this additional sensor is a small cost compared to the original product and brings some very useful things to the table. We’ve seen a few such sensors from different companies, and with that technology available, it only makes sense that Lollipop has created its version to further build up its monitor system.

First up, we have to note that this sensor doesn’t share the Lollipop camera’s cute and colourful design. Whereas the camera comes in either a soft blue, pink or yellow (and has interchangable cases in case you want to vary the colour), the sensor only comes in white. It also doesn’t share the camera’s whimsical, ‘cartoon eye’ sort of appearance – or, indeed, its’ ‘lollypop’ appearance. Instead, it opts for a small, discrete design that will blend unnoticed into your room without disruption. The sensor sits close to the wall at the mains, meaning it is both out of the way, and you also never need to worry about it running out of juice. It communicates with the camera via Bluetooth, and both are easily controlled and viewed via the Lollipop App.

Whereas the Lollipop Camera focuses on monitoring your baby, the Sensor focuses on monitoring your nursery environment, which is a highly useful set of additional information for maintaining your child’s wellbeing. As well as alerting you if anything stops being as it should, it allows you to view charts and graphs of the ongoing humidity, temperature and air quality in the room, which is useful for working out how the room is affected by different times in the day.

This is an accessory, not a stand-alone product, but one that furthers your peace of mind and does much to protect the ongoing safety of your child. Make sure that you already own the Lollipop camera before you purchase it. However, if you do, this is an affordable add-on that brings the functionality of an entirely new product to your existing line-up.

Small and discrete
Easy to set up and use
App controlled
Three new sensors
Comes with both EU and UK mains attachments

An add-on product rather than a stand-alone