MagSafe iPhone 13 Case, Atom Studios 
We received a pair of beautiful cases for the iPhone 13 from Atom Studios, the first made from split silicone and the other from split wood fibre. Both products offer MagSafe compatibility: this means you are able to use MagSafe charging methods through these cases without interference, and well as any other MagSafe phone accessories. But what is MagSafe? The technology uses magnets to either charge your phone or connect various add-ons to it. The built-it magnets within these phone cases are 50% thicker than usual, which allow for seamless alignment. Even so, there’s nothing bulky about the cases: they’re slim and allow the phone to fit easily into your pocket. 

This MagSafe line is available for all forms of the iPhone 13, from the Pro Max through to the Mini, and a range of similarly beautiful-looking phone cases extends all the way to iPhone 6. 
Of the two cases we received, the first was in split silicone. This case is available in Pink Clay, Stone Beige or Ink Blue. Each colour combination is very attractive, but I found the one we received – Pink Clay – to be particularly striking. The shade of pink pairs will with the silver used on the top half, whereas the Ink Blue, whilst a striking colour, lacks this same contrast, with blue used on both halves on the design. 
The other case, however, delivered the Ink Blue colour exactly as I wanted, with the silver top-half and blue lower half! As for the colour we received, Carbon Black, the design is black all over, though with light specs and a striped texture on the lower-half that is shared by the Ink Blue design. 
Whilst their immediate merits – being MagSafe and looking fantastic – are obvious, these phone cases have much more to boast into the bargain. Both case types have had their material integrated with anodised aluminium to up their durability, both for the case and to protect your phone during drops and bumps. The cases also feature a microfibre lining, to add another layer of protection. Whilst this is no super-padded, specialised safety case, it does do a good job of keeping your phone protected from the worst, without bulking it up the way those heavy-duty cases do. 
As for the main materials themselves, both options – sand-based silicone and a wood fibre – have been responsibly sourced. Silicone may not sound like the most eco-friendly material in the world, but its source – silica – is commonly found in sand, making it a plentiful (if still finite) resource, and unlike many plastics, it is recyclable. As food the wood fibre case, this material – created by Atom Studios - combines recycled wood with cornstarch. In both cases, these materials are not only more responsible and sustainable in their source than plastic alternatives, they are also more durable and harder to scratch or stain. They both felt extremely comfortable in my hand,MagSafe iPhone 13 Case, black all over, light flecks too: overall, I think I preferred the texture of the silicone, but the wood fibre felt like it had the best grip. That said, both textures and grips were brilliant – I felt like my phone was safe, and it looked great too. 
Strong magnets 
Sustainable materials 
Strengthened case 
Attractive colour options