I have been keen to review the K Board from Keith McMillen Instruments for quite some time as an owner and fan of their previous keyboard the QuNexus. When I received the K Board I did think I had been sent the QuNexus again as the display looks very similar being the same size and with the same layout but upon closer inspection I could see the control buttons on the left hand side had different functions labelled.  For those who have never used either a QuNexus or a K Board the device is designed to be portable with dimensions 325mm(L) x 84mm(W) x 11mm(D) and a weight of 0.76lbs.  It features a two octave keyboard layout with 15 keys at the bottom and 10 at the top, rather than plastic keys they have their own signature drum pad style buttons.  On the left hand side there are another further 8 keys which allow you to control Pitch Bend, Octave Down, Octave Up, Velocity, Toggle, Sustain, Tilt and Pressure.

With the K Board you receive a 1m Micro USB cable and upon setting this up I noticed the first major difference between this new device and my QuNexus and that was that a lot of the ports have been taken away there are no CV ports and there was no USB port which meant I couldn’t use my KMI MIDI Expander with the device.  Without the option of plugging in the KMI MIDI Expander means to control other external devices you need to have it run through your PC, with this is mind I would say that this is more aimed at the consumer market more than the musician.  This will definitely appeal to the consumer market with the affordable price of RRP £79, the way it is powered by what you connect it to as well, omitting need for a power pack also gives it great plug and playability.  It has been marketed as being very durable and I can confirm that it survived too minor accidents of being stood on by a 5 year old and having coffee spilt on it.  My opinion of the K Board is its great if you don’t already own their QuNexus and if you are looking for a MIDI keyboard that is fun, affordable and portable you won’t be disappointed at all.

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