Mooer specialise in creating small but mighty effects pedals for your guitar and it only makes sense that they would also produce a strong case to protect them whilst on the road, enter the Firefly M6. The Firefly M6 is Mooer’s second generation flight case, although they have reduced the size by 30% to 6.7 x 21.5 x 3.9 inches they have increased the capacity to 6 mini pedals, accommodating the Mooer newly released wah pedal ‘The Wahter’ as well as the Micro Series Pedals. It is able to accommodate 6 Micro Series pedals or 5 MICRO pedals & 1 Mini Series pedal, a 6 plug multi DC power cable is included. The exterior is made from aluminium which gives you strength whilst keeping the weight low at 844g, as well as being a protective carry case the lid is removable to the M6 to work as a pedal board as well. On the right side of the case there is a specially designed hole that you can pop your connecting cable through to plug into the pedal board which seals up when you are not using it. The foam padding that lines the inside is firm enough to keep everything protected and in place, it is a tight squeeze putting the pedals in but I only found that reassuring, when using with the Mooer "Z" connectors it looks clean and tidy and the built in power cable makes it ready to go as soon as you are. You are limited to what pedals you can use as this is designed for mini pedals and perfect for the Mooer range and feels solid enough, I wouldn’t say its bomb proof but it could definitely take a bit of a battering whilst on the road. RRP £34.95

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4 out of 5




Doubles as a pedal board

Removable lid


Limit to mini pedals

Awkward putting the lid back on