The Modulor A1 has been created to enhance any existing analog synth rig, it contains a VCO, LFO (each sync-able), two VCAs (one dedicated to the VCO and the other to the LFO), and numerous patching options. Both VCO and LFO can be square or triangle waves and a switch sends LFO to modulate VCO frequency for some vibrato (at lower LFO rates) or FM (at LFO rates up to 200Hz) effects. Suitable for modular synthesis in the 9V pedal environment it is voltage controlled and has two audio outputs, one at regular line level (+4dBu) via the big jack, and the other is a mini jack on the top panel (9V).

This can be used in modular synthesizer environments to play around with the VCO voice through Eurorack inputs for example, you can also use the mini jack oscillator as a ring modulation source on the Squaver P1 or any other CV input. As a stand-alone synth the Modulor A1 has a reasonable bit of power but works best when used with other Sonicsmith gear, you can make a range of effects and melodies without even a single patch cable. At 9x10cm this synth is a compact version of a modular synth, the VCO pitch input is 1V/octave and has a 9V minijack output on the front whilst the other VCO output is a big jack on the back at line level unbalanced+4 dBu. The VCO sync input will reset the wave's position to zero every time a threshold of 0V is crossed and the LFO sync input threshold is 3.0v for compatibility with most gate signals, the two knobs can be used to control the pitch offset (20Hz-20kHz) and the other knob is -4-+4 semitones. RRP €187.19

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4.5 out of 5


VCO, LFO and two VCAs

9V standard pedal PSU

VCO with two outputs

Sync input on both the LFO and the VCO

LFO from 0.2 Hz up to 200Hz for FM synthesis

“LFO to VCO pitch in” switch

30mA maximum current consumption