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Keeping desks tidy and uncluttered is a major step towards peace of mind – or, that’s certainly my experience. Whether it’s at work or in your home office, if you spend a lot of time at your desk, it can be beneficial to keep it clear of wires and other mess. Home offices, especially, are more prevalent now than ever before, and people has discovered the need for a space that is professional and easy to use. Likewise, many people having gaming spaces that they curate with as much, if not more precision. The NeatCharge from humanscale can help in both of these cases, as well as any other side-table, bed-sided table or other convenient charging place that you would like to keep tidy. 
NeatCharge is a wireless charger: as long as your device is compatible, you only need to lay it on top of it, and it will charge. There are no touchpoints – you just set your device down and you’re done. There are several brands of wireless charger out there, and all of them have this fantastic advantage of ease, but the NeatCharge stands out from the crowd in just how unobtrusive it is. Unlike many, it sits practically flat to the surface seemingly no more than a flat circular shape. This is because the workings of the charger attaches to the bottom of the desk or table, making the charge point itself as little of a presence on your table as possible. It cannot possibly get in the way, it creates zero clutter and it’s extremely easy to use. 
However, this design does bring some limits. We were pleased to find that you don’t need to use this device in a thin table (it can cope with up to 1.33” of thickness), but of course, there must BE somewhere for the underside to go. You cannot use this on an entirely solid table, for example. Bear in mind that chests of draws aren’t as solid as they seem, as you can place this under the top surface by going into the first draw, but even so, it is important to check that your intended surface will be compatible before purchase. Likewise, check that your device is compatible with wireless charging (and not that if your phone is being used with MagSafe, the thickness limit is 1.14”). 
These are important specs to check. However, if your device is Qi-compatible, then this charger can handle charging up to 10W. 

This device really is incredible, and a fantastic addition to the office.  Happily, it's just one of many such offerings: the Neat Charge is part of a whole ecosystem of inter-connected products from Humanscale, all of which seek to improve their customers' wellbeing and productivity in their workspace. From the furniture itself to the smallest accessory, Humanscale has everything an optimised office space could want for.
All in all, this is a sleek, simple charger that stays out of the way and is the definition of easy convenience. As long as you do your research before purchase, you should be thrilled by the results. 
No touchpoints 
Attaches under the table 
No clutter 
5.14” in diameter 
Easy to use 
Charges up to 10W Qi-compatible devices 
Requires a table surface below 1.33” of thickness