The Activ5 is a small home isometric workout device that allows you to access a full body workout all from using this small apparatus. The Activ5 connects to your phone via Bluetooth and measures your strength, precision endurance all through squeezing the appliance together over set periods. The Activ5 Training app features some different games you can play to make exercising with this device more fun and a little less laborious. The Active5 is suitable for all age groups, making it a great product for anyone who wants a quick workout, wherever you may be.

With every workout personalised to your strength, the Active5 will measure your progress and push you in the right direction. All the Activ5 needs in terms of power is one AA battery, this will last for about 6 months, I love this feature as it seems like most modern devices require a lot of power and to be charged up most days. Being so small the Activ5 is the perfect exercise unit for travelling, it can fit in most pockets and is very lightweight.

RRP: £130


Pros: Extremely portable and lightweight, huge battery life

Cons: Exercises are limited to isometric

Rating: 4 out of 5