My baby is now at 6 weeks and whilst I adore being with him all the time, sometimes I need to put him down to do something.  Usually something as mundane as to eat, drink, wee or even just to wipe the sick from my shoulder.The BabyBjörn bliss is suitable for infants from birth to 2 years old. It is a well-made bouncer as you would expect from BabyBjörn. The bouncer has the perfect balance of spring to rock your baby gently when they kick or wave their arms. This is a totally natural rocking motion, without the need for batteries of power cables. As a result, it is light and very portable to move to wherever you need – it folds down completely flat and therefore is convenient to carry, taking up little space.


This isn’t intended as a bouncing prison for your baby, in fact the rocking helps your baby to train and develop their balance and motor skills. They will love the movement.


It can be set in three different positions for play and rest; when your child has learned to sit up without help, you simply turn the fabric seat around and use the bouncer as a comfy children’s chair. A very clever design!

The bouncer gives good support to your baby’s back, neck and head. The fitted fabric seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly, which is particularly important for newborns.

Crucially, the fabric is easy to remove and is machine washable at 40˚C – handy for all manner of accidents!



Looks nice


Perfect bounce

Keeps your baby happy

Stores flat

Easy to wash



It is more expensive than some but it offers much more