The BH51M is a cycle helmet with many innovative features including indicators, Bluetooth, speakers, handsfree phone calling, GPS and an SOS alarm. I was quite concerned that with all the technical aspects the rider may look reminiscent of a Martian, however upon opening the package I was pleased to see otherwise, instead this helmet looks very similar to many other cycle helmets and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

The speakers in the helmet are a fantastic feature, albeit a little tinny they work very well with playing music, receiving phone calls and listening to GPS (while keeping your ears uncovered). I’ve also had no issues with the mic, being on the move I was worried about problems such as wind interference and my voice possibly becoming inaudible over loud traffic, but was impressed with the lack of, ‘I can’t hear you!’s from the other side.

To control the features of the helmet the BH51M uses a small remote control you can attach to your handlebars, these controls are nice and tactile and the different buttons are easily distinguishable by touch, eliminating any need to stare at the interface whilst hurtling down a busy bypass. SOS mode is a feature that reacts to significant impact and will automatically send an SMS to emergency services, sharing time of impact and your location.

Technology aside, let’s look at how it performs solely as a helmet. It isn’t noticeably heavier than any other helmet I’ve used and is made from the usual materials, the strap is adjustable by sliding the clicking mechanism in and out and it is rather comfortable as far as helmets go. I would say £150 is well worth it for a helmet with this amount of tech packed in, not to mention many other helmets will sell for well over £100 whilst being your “average Joe” type.

RRP: £150


Pros: great build quality, very useful features and long-lasting battery life

Cons: Audio quality could be better

Rating: 4 out of 5

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