The pregnancy pillow is available in three colours and two special editions green leaf and marble.

What makes this pregnancy pillow stand out from the rest is its versatility; not only can it be used at night to keep you on your side during pregnancy, but you can also wrap it around your waist to sup-port your back whilst breastfeeding. The pillow comes with a cover that is made from OEKO-TEX cer-tified cotton which is free from toxins and also keeps one cool at night. The pillow can also be ad-justed as the bump grows. The pillow’s filling has been selected for its anti-bacterial properties. Weighing in at only 1.2 kg this pillow is surprisingly lightweight, and the case of the pillow is inter-changeable and machine washable which I’m sure any new parents can appreciate the importance of. Upon testing the product, I noticed that while being very comfortable, the pillow would also keep nice and cool which is brilliant for any soon-to-be mum struggling with the heat. The ends of the pil-low can be bound together to make a doughnut-like shape using the discs at the end which are there for adjustment, these are called bbhugme pebbles and are BPA free.

So if you’re a pregnant lady and you’re struggling with the long painful nights or if you’re neither pregnant nor a lady but you’re just in need of some extra comfort, I would definitely suggest considering this pillow.


very comfortable,

lightweight and washable

Three colours and two special editions in green leaf and marble.


More expensive than others on the market