The Cable Guys series by EXG Pro pulls together a whole host of franchises to offer you themed phone and gaming controller stands designed like a range of characters. These figures are 8” tall, and as well as holding your device, they come with – as the name suggests – a cable for charging it. These Cable Guys are a fun way to store and display your controller or phone whilst it charges, and are compatible with all PlayStation and Xbox controllers, as well as most smartphones (but make sure you check that it’s compatible with yours before you purchase!)

We were sent Black Panther and Tails from the Cable Guys collection. The detail on both of these is inarguably awesome. Tails, in particular, looks great: this definitely is Tails, with no uncanny valley or slightly ‘off’ bits. The same can be said for the whole Sonic series of Cables Guys (and as we know, recreating Sonic’s design is a lot harder for some people than you’d think...).

Black Panther, being a humanoid character with a more realistic design, is a little different. The details on his suit are definitely present and have been carefully thought about, but something about trying to create its texture has made him look a little tacky, and the proud Wakandan Prince doesn’t seem like he’s at the same standard as some of the other superhero looks.

Looking at the collection as a whole, most of it looks incredible, but whereas the cartoonish characters all translate nicely, a few of the realistic characters didn’t fare as well. For example, Ezio isn’t the tall, mysterious assassin we know and love - he looks more like Varric from Dragon Age, aka squat, broad and kind of like he has a point to prove. He and Black Panther suffer from a full-body design that makes them out of proportion and short in stature, whereas the Hulk, or the unsurprisingly bent-over Deadpool, pull off their full-body designs well, so you really need to judge these Guys case by case.

Of course, that all might not matter to you, and the majority of these designs look fantastic! These are really fun stands that double up as a helpful charge point, they make a great gift, and there’s a huge range to choose from – just choose carefully, as some have definitely come out looking better than others.

Tails: £22.98
Black Panther: £21.19

Huge range of options
High level of detail
Charge point

Some look better than others