The Deluxe Scientific Workbench is part of the Hape Junior Inventor series, along with the ‘Three Experiment Kit’, the ‘Science Experiment Toolbox’, and the ‘Discovery Scientific Workbench’. As you can probably tell from the names, these sets offer a similar experience in a growing scale, with more potential experiments and fun gear with each level. The set-up itself grows, too, moving from a small box to a full double-layer work station that your child can stand at as they enjoy science.

With the Deluxe Workbench, you receive enough equipment to conduct 15 experiments, which have been designed to demonstrate key scientific principles to your kids as they play. In total, it has 79 separate pieces, including screw drivers, cogs, and even a toy frog to experiment on. Don’t tell PETA!

This set-up is seriously cool. It encourages kids to engage with science in a way that gives them loads of options and re-play value, but unlike some science kits, zero mess or goop. It’s also non-gendered in its design, which is always awesome to see when it comes to these sorts of toys. This set is for anyone four years and up, and is suitable for playing alone, with friends, or with an adult to guide them in following through some of the possible experiments.

This is a fantastic toy for kids that could set them up well to think about science in the future, and even better, this set is one of a range, meaning you can find the toy that suits your budget.

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15 possible experiments
Fun & engaging way to learn science
Is its own storage space
No goo!

Lots of parts = lots of strewn-about toys!
Not transportable