Forget the average, flat-to-the-ground toy keyboard – your kids can be Schroeder from Peanuts with the Deluxe Grand Piano from Hape. This mini piano is part of a series of designs from Hape, which include mini black and pink baby grands and a mini red upright piano. However, looks-wise, the Deluxe Grand Piano in white takes it that extra bougie level.

Complete with a matching stool, this wooden toy is made beautifully to give it a stylised Grand Paino shape. It isn’t just a toy, either – this is a functional keyboard, with 30 keys that are helpfully labeled in coloured stickers to help your children learn their notes. The piano even comes with simplified sheet music – rows of notes written in colour-coded circles that match the stickers above the keys – to get them started on playing tunes. They will have to re-learn sheet music later down the line, but this is a great way to get them engaging with the concept whilst at a young age.

This ‘piano’ is teeny-tiny, made to be suitable for your little’uns, but they will quickly outgrow it. It is even more quickly outgrown than a traditional, flat toy keyboard, because this piano requires you to sit at it. It is recommended for 3+ years, but you only have a few years until your kids are too big, and ready to move on to a real piano. This is a good thing, in a way, getting them used to ‘their own’ piano of accessible size and resistance whilst they are too small to use a regular one, but like most kid’s toys, it doesn’t have a long shelf life.

However, that’s par for the course, and this piano definitely looks fantastic, and it teaches kids to go towards and enjoy a piano in a way that allows them to actually play it successfully, which could set them up brilliantly for learning music in the future.

Cute design
Well made
Helpful labels on keys
Accessible size and weight for kids to play
Accompanying ‘sheet music’

Will be outgrown quickly
Has fewer functions than a traditional electronic keyboard