RRP $1,800.00


The box arrived with this speaker in and it was very heavy.  It is presented so well that you know you are in for a treat just by opening the speaker box and you are greeted by the brilliant white of the packaging all labelled in mirrored, perlescent font to assure you of the quality and elegance of the product.   Once I got through these numerous levels of protection, I was presented with the speaker itself.  The body is made from a high quality concrete composite to maximise acoustics and sound quality (which also makes it weigh as much as a small child) it features two Kevlar sub woofers that can play sound comfortably all the way down to around 50hz and one smaller woofer to hit the higher frequencies.


The metal grate fits easily to the face of the speaker by placing it onto the 4 magnetic corners which is clever and brilliant for protecting the woofers from children and clumsy adults. I was slightly dubious about the grate at first as I felt like this may rattle around while playing at higher volumes, but this was simply not the case, instead it sat there steady as a rock and did not interfere with sound quality in the slightest.

To connect to the speaker you can choose between 4 settings, optical, Wi-Fi, auxiliary and Bluetooth.
The sound quality of this speaker is nothing like I've ever heard of a Bluetooth speaker, with the low, mid-range, and high end all perfectly singing together while staying crystal clear and nicely separated from one another even while playing at absurdly high volumes.  We may have stumbled across the pinnacle of small-scale home audio devices with this little gem, so If you're someone who is never satisfied with the mediocre and is constantly on the hunt for something bigger and better this may be the speaker for you, just bear in mind that this device will cost you a pretty penny, retailing at around £1600, the ma770 is definitely one of the more high end devices on the market but may well be worth it for those of you who are serious about music and don’t mind the odd noise complaint.



Oozes quality in every aspect.

Looks great

Sounds simply amazing




Very heavy but I also love that.


5 out of 5.  The best wireless speaker we have tested to date