RPP front and rear £149.99 or £79.99 for single units

I love the background on See.Sense.  The company was founded in 2013 by Philip and Irene (a husband and wife team) but has been brought to life by thousands of cyclists. From those at our local club in Northern Ireland, to the many who have supported the company over four successful Kickstarter campaigns, and even invested in See.Sense in an equity crowdfunding raise on Crowdcube in 2016.

I am a keen cyclist and I like to make my riding year stretch out if possible.  I do this by having a huge array of clothing to dress for all eventualities.  Rufus Wainwright once wrote “There's no such thing as bad weatheronly unsuitable clothing” However good my planning is I can’t change the seasons and the dark nights. 

Cycle lights have dramatically changed over the years and whilst rechargeable lights are commonplace, these See.Sense ICON2’s take lights to a whole new dimension.

The ICON2lights are really very clever.  They are packed with more brightness and intelligence than I have ever seen in bike lights. Thef front light has 400 lumens and the rear light 300 lumens which gives you 16 hours of run-time in full power reactive flash mode, and shines powerfully in all lighting conditions, both day and night.  The night-time illumination is stunning as each light contains two different types of LEDS for both a focused and dispersed beam and they make you visible up to 3 km away.  The most impressive part of the light coverage for me was the 270° of side visibility, it floods the road with light and makes night riding safe again.

At riskier moments of a ride such as junctions or approaching car headlights, the ICON2 reacts by automatically flashing brighter and faster to make sure you stand out.

The See.Sense Mobile App lets you personalise your light settings and gives you low battery alerts straight to your phone, this is a brilliant addition as in the past the only warning I have had is a dimmer beam and then no light.

ICON2’s technology detects any road issues or unsafe routes you face on your ride. You can then share these ride insights via our app to help Planners upgrade roads and boost cycling safety.

These lights as have a crash alert which can notify an emergency contact if you’re in an accident.  There is also a theft alert feature where you can receive notifications if your bike is moved when you’re not there.

These are not cheap bike lights but then they aren’t just bike lights.  I would happily pay £150.00 for a pair of these lights as they are simply brilliant.  Durable, easy to fit and most defiantly fit for purpose. Well done Philip and Irene and the team, outstanding!


Easy fit


Long lasting

Low battery warning



Rarely I will say that there is no con