The Zeus Arc GT  is a small and portable vaporiser. This device has a nice amount of airflow meaning having a looser draw than a lot of other vaporisers, this keeps the vapour cool and smooth. With a battery life of 90 minutes and generous chamber, the Zeus Arc is perfect for using while on the go. The Zeus Arc has 3 temperature settings ranging from 205 to 225 degrees Celsius which is a great feature and makes a nice change from fixed temperature devices.

The build quality of this product is very solid, it has a good weight and feels great in the hand, being a portable vaporiser, the device is a liable to get a tad warm, which is nothing to worry about but may something to bear in mind. I was surprised to see the chamber is plated with gold, as well as looking great, this gold plating serves a purpose and it’s not just flaunting your wealth; being  highly conductive the gold plating regulates the temperature exceptionally well, making sure you get a consistent hit with minimal hot spots and combustion of any unmentionables. The Zeus Arc features a handy tool for poking around and emptying the chamber, this is attached to the base of the device using magnets, allowing for quick access.

Over all the Zeus Arc is an excellent bit of kit, and with a retail price of £179.99 you’d certainly hope so! So if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your “more traditional ways” or you’re just after something a bit less conspicuous, the Zeus ARC GT is definitely one to look into!

RRP £179.99

Purchase in Europe: https://tvape.de/zeus-arc-gt.html

Purchase Globally: https://tvape.com/zeus-arc-gt.html

Pros: Excellent build quality, ergonomic design and a pleasant experience

Cons: May heat up a bit and mouthpiece is sometimes a pain to find