The Ridgerunner by Warbonnet is a very lightweight and easy to set up bridge-style hammock. Whilst being compact and only weighing 27oz, the Ridgerunner is an excellent bit of kit to carry around with you. The hammock features a mosquito net which can be pulled tight, so it never makes contact with your body or face and an additional bottom layer that hangs below the hammock for additional protection against insects. Hammocks usually have the huge downside of offering virtually no room for storage, the Ridgerunner has two large saddlebags that hang externally either side of the hammock, so you don’t have to sacrifice any valuable space. The Ridgerunner can be put up very quickly by unrolling the hammock and clipping the strong straps around two opposing trees. This hammock has a weight limit of 115 kg and a height limit of 6ft 6, which makes it suitable for the vast majority of people, while excluding anyone with their own gravitational pull. Whilst laying in the hammock I was very surprised at how stable it felt, usually when laying in a hammock I am extremely wary of any movement I make as it feels like the hammock will spit me out onto the cold hard ground. There is also a bulge at the head of the hammock, acting as a pillow which is one less item to lumber around with the rest of your kit. The Ridgerunner is supported by two poles at the head and foot end, this gives you a consistent space from head to toe and doesn’t squeeze every inch of your body together making you feel as though you’re in a cocoon. Overall this is an amazing product for the rugged outdoor lifestyle and is definitely worth spending your hard-earned cash on if you’re in need of somewhere to rest your head during long nights in the wilderness.

RRP: £80


Pros: Very lightweight, easy to put up and extremely comfortable

Cons: Lacks insulation and needs additional tarpaulin to shelter from rain