With all technology there is a transition phase. For example, VHS was a standard for videos in the 80s and 90s, but as the 00s came over the horizon, so did digitization and DVD’s. People didn’t just stop using VHS and move straight over to DVD. There was a phasing out period. Hence for a long time you could buy combi devices that allowed you to play both.

Though it is a different piece of technology, this is what first came to mind for myself when I read the descriptions of both the AirFly Pro and the PlugBug Duo from Twelve South. Both these items aim to solve problems that arise from buying new tech, whilst still grappling onto old tech.

The AirFly Pro allows you to use your Bluetooth headphones with items that aren’t Bluetooth compatible and only have a headphone jack. It can also act as a headphone splitter, and can allow you to play music from your phone on a car stereo if have a new iPhone and can no longer simply aux it.

The product was nice and easy to get going straight out of the box and was very simple to use. It comes with a long battery life (but unfortunately with no battery indicator), so it is more than suitable for those long journeys, just make sure you charge it before you leave! This is a very convenient item to own if you have recently upgraded to Bluetooth headphones or a newer smart phone. It saves the faff of buying adapters for each separate piece of tech you own, and will come in useful for a while – it will be sometime before everything is Bluetooth compatible.

The PlugBug Duo serves a similar purpose of filling the void of the fast-paced changes in technology. The new MacBook comes with USB-C and no traditional USB charging ports. This can be a pain if you used these regularly, maybe for a mouse, to charge your phone, or even just to use a USB stick. Fear not, the PlugBug has you covered. The PlugBug will plug into your current Mac charger and then connects itself to the mains. It will still charge your Mac, whilst also offering you two USB ports to play with. Simple and easy to use, it comes with options for all plug types globally, so it’s very useful for travelers too. It’s even less dear than Apple’s own adapters for their new USB-C Macs, and like the AirFly Pro, it means you don’t have to get adapters for all your different devices. Therefore, it’s an item worth considering!


AirfFly Pro RRP $54.99

Website https://www.twelvesouth.com/products/airfly?variant=30720749109305


Various uses

Long battery life



No battery life indicator

Rating 4/5