Blaze Wear specialises in heat-based products: heated gloves, heated jackets, even heated socks! However, they don’t just produce clothing, as we found when we received one of their ‘Hot Dog’ range of heated dog beds.

The Hot Dog range offers a variety of dog bed styles, from flat pillows to full, curved beds with a waxed cotton, wipeable outer. They also come in a variety of styles, from neutral greys to country-esque cheque. It would be nice to see a few more designs, but everything is neutral enough to suit any home.

Blaze Wear doesn’t offer cat beds, but really, these can double up as either. The dog bed concept fits in with the company’s outdoorsy vibe, offering a place for your pal to warm up after a bracing walk, but as the owner of two cats, I know that they’ll find their way to something heated and soft in no time.

So how do they work? The heat pad is pressure-sensitive: it ticks along at a low heat when your dog’s bed is empty, but when your dog sits, this rises to a pre-set temperature between 25°c to 55°c. Being able to set the temperature means you can find the safest and best setting for your dog. Also in the name of safety, this bed shuts off if it feels itself get too hot, and, you’ll be very pleased to know, it has a chew-proof cable!

These beds aren’t cheap. The price is listed as starting at £40, but really, this figure covers the heated pad, and when you select which bed size and style you’d like, this adds on a good £100-£200 to the total. It’s important to note that these beds don’t have to come with the heated pad, though – you can take the cost down if you just want one of the beds, which are cosy and well-made.

This is a lot to spend on a dog bed, but far from it for me to tell you not to spoil your pet. If you live in a draughty house, or are in the habit of going on some hard-core winter walks, your pets will greatly appreciate these. They’re well-constructed, a great idea, and the removable heat pad and adjustable temperaurte makes them a suitable nap spot all year round.


Pressure activated
Chew-proof cable

Could have more colour options