The Cubix Ceramic Heater is a small heater that makes a huge impact. It’s quite a slick-looking thing that makes a more attractive addition to your office than a chunky white fan heater, which is what I was using before. Measuring at 26cm H x 14cm D x 22cm W, whilst it isn’t the most discreet, it’s pretty small, and incredibly powerful for it! It has two power settings, 900W or 1800W, with an adjustable thermostat that tells the fan how hot you’d like the room to be. As on most fans, this dial isn’t marked with any temperatures, but it’s easy to gauge with trial and error.

Although it isn’t silent, this heater is pretty quiet, and the sound easily slips into the background. The most important thing, though, is that it kicks out a lot of heat. Even better, it takes zero time to get going – as soon as it turns on, you can feel the difference, which has been a life saver as the weather’s gotten colder. The whole room warms up in minutes, whether or not you turn on the heater’s oscillation setting. If anything, on its higher settings, it is capable of giving out more warmth than I could ever need, meaning it could take on far bigger rooms just as effectively.

One word of caution – the first time you use the heater, be aware that, as with other heat-based products, there’s going to be a strong smell of plastic. Fear not – this clears up fine, and doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. However, don’t do what I did and sit right next to the heater on its first run, or you’ll get a nice heady face full of fumes. Oops!

Once it’s had a first run, however, you have nothing to worry about (and as long as you aren’t a wally like me, you don’t have to worry even then). The heater even comes with overheat protection and a tip-over auto-safety feature to make sure that it won’t be starting any fires, and it’s too warm to pick up, there’s a helpful hand-hold at the back.

This is a fantastic little heater - it looks good, it’s quiet, and it heats up a whole room without making you feel blasted by the output. The amount of impact it makes at such a small size is incredible - I'm not letting it leave my office!


Adjustable wattage and thermostat
Overheat protection
Two powerful heat settings
Tip-over auto-safety feature
Useful handle at the back

Can’t alter oscillation speed