What a fantastic interactive product.

Tonies are audio stories, songs and books that work together with a TONIEBOX. TONIEBOX and TONIES are a new and innovative music player system that combines playing, learning and listening at the same time. Every TONIE needs the TONIEBOX in order to play. This works by placing your Gruffalo on top of the music box and it will begin playing. Remove the Gruffalo and it will stop. It’s very easy to use, even children as young as 3 will be able to operate the system, although you will first need to connect with Wi-Fi, this is quite simple. The product is safe for small children to use as there are no parts that can be swallowed or sharp edges. The Gruffalo is hand painted and robust. The story will last up to 20 minutes. Overall fantastic product, which offers great interactive fun for your little ones, and offers good value for money.


RRP £14.99




Fun, interactive, reasonably priced.


There are no cons


Rating 4.5 Stars