Gtech, experts in home and garden tech, sent us the latest in their cordless trimmer range - the Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT3.0, and the matching Cordless Grass Trimmer GT3.0. It’s getting chilly out, so now isn’t the most fun time of year to be working on the garden, but what better time to test how convenient these really are?

Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT 3.0

The key word that keeps popping up in the Hedge Trimmer’s description is ‘tough’, and it's not kidding. The blade on this thing seems thick and hardy, and it could take on most of our hedges without trouble, run by a high torque 18V motor. The trimmer has a 10 ft reach and it was surprisingly lightweight (2.47kg), which made those high spots so much easier than they used to be!

It has up to 60 minutes of run time and, frankly, when it comes to gardening, so do I. Any more than that, and I start to lose the will! The amount of power it must take to cut through hedges, even when meeting resistance, makes this hour’s runtime extremely impressive – I'm used to wireless tools running down in a fraction of the time. You’re even saved from surprises by an LED display that shows you how much battery you have. If it runs down completely, the trimmer only takes 4 hours to fully recharge.

There’s some really handy features to this trimmer. For example, you can adjust the head to cut flat along the top of your hedges, and there’s a very reassuring safety switch to stop it turning on by mistake. I’m always jumpy about this around any kind of DIY hardware, so that gave me peace of mind.

Whilst this impressive blade could cut through a lot, it couldn’t take on everything, but if you want to take on thicker branches – I'm talking up to 60mm – you can buy an attachment for £24.99. However, if you’re looking to trim your hedges rather than secateur them, this will do the job perfectly as it comes.


Hedge Trimmer: £199.99

Well constructed
Sturdy blade
Long run time
Adjustable head
Safety catch

Needs an upgrade to get through the thicker branches


Cordless Grass Trimmer GT 3.0

 The grass trimmer sibling in this pair has many of the same features – it too is cordless and lightweight, though it only has a 30 minutes runtime. However, a very handy factor between these two devices is that their long-life 18V Lithium-ion battery, which can be charged on or off the devices, can also be switched between the two. If you’re only using the one tool, you can have the other battery at the ready and switch it over to double your run-time, or you can switch the one between both devices to get double the use out of whichever one is charged.

Like the hedge trimmer, this trimmer is versatile, allowing you to adjust the angle of the trimmer head to cut along the edges of lawns to get precise, neat verges.

In my experience, lawn trimmers break over anything – their blades will spin off, or the head will just stop working, but this one is well constructed and I felt as though I could rely on it. If the blades ever do run into trouble, Gtech has ever prepared for this, making new blades extremely easy to attached. Your trimmer comes with 20, and you are able to buy more in packs of 50 for just £3.99.

The fact that both of these tools are cordless is incredible. We live in a terraced house with a long, thin garden that needs heavy-duty extension cords to be strong together in order for us to travel right down to the end – but not anymore! Being able to pick these up and go makes the chore of gardening much less of a chore; as soon as we notice that our lawn or hedges need a trim, there’s no excuse not to pick these up and go.

Grass Trimmer: £129.99


Good run time
Adjustable head angle
Replaceable blades

Shorter runtime than the hedge strimmer