Firstly, the presentation of these earphones is eye catching, neat, and unique. The look and feel of the actual IEMs are of high quality. Despite their all-metal construction with a nice weight, they do not feel heavy. The depth of the MS4's looks bigger than expected, but they fit perfectly, even though my ears are small, and importantly, due to this construction, they stay - comfortably - put. The sound of bass is clear and concise, vocals are clear, and the treble is extremely crisp. There are many silicon and foam earbuds that come with the MS4’s, so you can easily adjust the sound to your needs. The cable is a twin twist type with metal splitter to two individual cables that lead to the IEM's. All in all, these make a great  product that covers all angles in regard to quality, feel and sound. They also look aesthetically pleasing. I would highly recommend this product to those who are keen on sound quality.

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Crisp, quality sound. Very Comfortable.

There are no cons

Rating 4.5 Stars