The MiaMily Hipster baby carrier was designed for everyone. Mothers, fathers, grandparents – this carrier has been made to be a practical and comfortable option for all, to enable wearers to continue living their normal lives, and to look good whilst they do it.

MiaMily was founded by a couple who couldn’t find the right baby carrier for them, so they created a prototype of what they would want to use. So many people asked them where they’d bought the model that they realised they had something that could sell! We aren’t surprised. This MiaMily Hipster is fantastic; not only is it well made, but it is practical and comfortable for both parent and child, able to be reconfigured into multiple different carry positions. The Hipster Essential has three possible carry positions, whilst the Hipster Plus and Hipster Smart have six. These allow you to adapt the carrier to suit whatever activity you are doing, as well as the age and temperament of your child. Switching up how you’re wearing the MiaMily also helps to prevent stress on your body, as does the thoughtful and supportive way it has been designed.

For both your and your baby’s comfort, all Hipster baby carriers have a built-in hip seat to support your child in a healthy way. This seat is well made and is the central structure to all position configurations, and also has a handy built-in storage compartment. The carrier also has a second, easy-to-reach compartment fit for a phone or similar. All of the straps on the carrier are padded and adjustable, including a baby safety belt, and a foldable head support further opens up your options as you set the carrier up in the way that works for the pair of you.

The company wanted this product to be for fathers as much as for mothers, which is so important in supporting that important bond that parents want to create with their kids, so every design uses neutral colours.

These carriers are engineered with the structure of a good backpack, but with care paid to the whole family. These really are fantastic, even at the Hipster Essential level. The more advanced models can be used with newborns, whereas the Essential begins at four months, but all models are then suitable up to 4 years. That’s amazing adaptability!


Well-engineered support
Padded and comfortable
Good storage
Adjustable fit and carry positions
Neutral colours
Fits various body types
Suitable for up to 4 years

Only one colour option for the Essential and Smart