In-helmet communications systems can revolutionise your riding experience. This system will link you to your friends and you can

chat as you ride. You can listen to music, audio books, use GPS or even use your phone. 


Occasionally I will turn mine off and enjoy the bike’s exhaust and the feel of freedom, it’s relaxing and therapeutic. 

There are also times when I want to drown out the voices in my head, sounds dark I know, and listen to music or a good

audiobook. The Interphone system does this and loads more.


For long trips and group rides, the Interphone Avant is fantastically reliable, keeping you in touch with your mates when you come adrift. will communicate with 8 riders, at a range of up to 1.7km  It has a battery which will last 20 hours, 20 hours is amazing and equates to some road miles!!

This is a well made and capable unit and the sound is very clear.

It has been very well designed, is easy to fit into your helmet and use and uses voice command, which is pretty essential from a safety standpoint.


Not expensive

High spec

One of the best sounds



Still over the £200 price mark, but for very good reason


4 out of 5



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