JBL motorcycle helmet speakers

RRP £89.99


I ride my motorbike with a communications pack in my helmet. This allows me to listen to music and chat to mates, they are a great invention that make a once lonely hobby into a more social riding event. Currently I am hooked up with a older PackTalkThose who purchase the latest PACKTALK Bold, PACKTALK Slim and FREECOM4+ units are lucky enough to receive JBL speakers as standard in the box - you'll notice a little orange box on the outside of the unit's packaging - however, for those who have an older Cardo unit or another system that's compatible with the JBL Audio Set, you can upgrade and purchase them separately.  The original units are fine but I do like to wear ear plugs to preserve my hearing so was keen to try these better, more powerful units. The JBL are a doddle to fit as they simply replace the units that come with the PackTalk.

I am one of those freaky riders who also likes to wear earplugs to deafen wind noise.  My complaint has always been that the volume on standard in-helmet speakers isn’t loud enough with earplugs - the JBL changes all of that. 


The JBL units are not cheap at £89.99 but they are super loud and clear. You will notice the difference straight away. They come nicely boxed and even the packaging feels of good quality. They use the same Velcro as my original units so fit straight in. In the box is a QR code which unlocks JBL sound profiles, so keep it handy. The JBLs are slightly bigger so be sure to place them correctly as they can put pressure on your ears; you will know when they are not right though.   


These are well made and comfortable, but most importantly are they worth the extra money for the upgrade as they sound brilliant. I can hear them clearly - even with ear plugs - at above 60 mph.  Music through them is transformed too.



Quality sound

Well made

Easy fit




Pricey but very good upgrade


4.5 out of 5