These polarised aviator sunglasses from Maui JIm put a fetching spin on an old classic. Aviators have always been the best sunglasses style for me to wear, so I was thrilled to review these. The style is timeless, but that doesn’t mean these glasses are just more of the same. Maui Jim have made them with attention to detail; the arms of these glasses are very slim, yet being made of lightweight titanium, they don’t feel fragile.

We received the glasses in matte black, but they also come in dove grey, satin gold, matte brushed burgundy and satin brown red. In my opinion, the dove grey and matte brushed burgundy look particularly nice. These glasses are even available in prescription, so you can enjoy them whatever your eyesight.

The finish on the titanium frame is far more attractive than ‘any old’ pair of black sunglasses – this pair has the simplest design of the available options, with the others forming an array of chromatic, colourful styles, but they’re the most traditional and look just as good.

The matte black pair comes with a neutral grey lens that offers the best light reduction out of the entire range. The result is brilliant – your vision gains sharp, rich contrasts and the world looks generally better through these glasses!

These titanium frames are light and comfortable but hard to damage, and that sturdiness itself justifies the extra expense of these glasses a little, as does their appealing look. However, a big factor behind the cost is the lens technology. These lenses are made from MauiBrilliant - Maui Jim’s most advanced lens, which feature optics nearly as clear as glass with just one-third of the weight.

These glasses come with a tri-fold case and cleaning cloth. They have shatter and scratch resistance, and have been designed to work best in bright, direct sunlight.

I lose glasses far too easily to ever fork out this much for a pair, but if you’re in the market for something in this price bracket, then Maui Jim makes a good offering with its Shallows range.


Lens clarity
Good sun protection
Light, sturdy frame
Shatter and scratch resistance

Not the best for dimmer sun conditions (most common here in the UK!)