For those of us who have ever felt overwhelmed by the variety of buttons and functions on a coffee machine, the all-new Avanza from Melitta is here to save the day. The Avanza is undoubtedly one of the smallest and slimmest fully-functional coffee machines on the market - it’s only 20cm wide! Striking in its compact simplicity, the coffee machine boasts a newly developed control panel that’s remarkably easy to use. Perfect for when you’ve just rolled out of bed!

Yet despite its straightforward design, there is so much more going on with the Avanza than meets the eye. For starters, the new ultra-quiet steel cone grinder means that you can enjoy freshly ground coffee, even whilst everyone else sleeps. Another convenient feature is the double cup mode - because coffee is always better when it’s shared. As well as all of this, the outlet is height adjustable up to 135mm, so you won’t be encountering any problems if you want to use glasses or extra-large mugs.

The Avanza really lets you take control of your coffee; it comes complete with 5 grinder settings, and a feature which allows you to adjust the amount and strength of your coffee. Just the way you like it! The Avanza also features a new pump control system, which, according to Melitta, guarantees the ideal contact time between the coffee and water. And, to make it all even more personalised, the coffee machine has a special memory function - enabling you to save your settings and save yourself time in the future!

This is not all the Avanza does to make your coffee enjoyment more convenient - the removable brewing unit and automatic cleaning and descaling programmes ensure that keeping your machine running smoothly is incredibly easy. This is achieved with a simple service button, so you can readily access information about the state of your machine.

All in all the Avanza is a small yet powerful miracle of a machine from Melitta. Enjoying your next cup of coffee has never been so easy, or so delightful!





  • Quiet grinder
  • XL water tank and bean container
  • Easy Cappuccinatore
  • Companion App
  • Easyto-use LED display
  • Simple cleaning and servicing


4.5 stars