The Moshi iPhone accessories are notoriously stylish and easy to use. I took a look at four of their latest gadgets to see if they lived up to the hype.

First up was the Altra Case with Detachable Wrist Strap. Moshi are well known for their attractive cases, and this one certainly delivers in that department. Slim and neat, with a non-slip geometric pattern, this understated case is appealing to the masses. Even better than its compact design, though, are its features. Not only is a wrist-strap included for hands-free convenience, but the Altra case also supports wireless charging. And to top it all off, this case has military-grade drop protection - an extra bonus for anyone else out there who makes a habit of dropping their phone! 

Altra Case for iPhone 11


The second accessory I looked at was the Altra Body Strap, compatible with the Altra phone case. The strap, in keeping with the rest of Moshi’s products, has a simple yet sleek design. Able to be worn around your neck, across your body, or over your shoulder, the Altra body strap is convenient, comfortable and adjustable up to 30 inches!

Altra Body Strap for iPhone 11


The SnapTo Car Mount With Wireless Charging is another slim, stylishly designed accessory that is very easy to use - you simply clip it onto your vents. Or, if this isn’t possible for you, it comes with a dashboard adapter, with a 3M adhesive strip for the installation. This, again, is very straightforward to use. The wireless charging feature is another big plus - with fast charging up to 10W. One of the best, yet surprising, features of the car mount is the strength of its magnets, which can hold up to 2.2lbs and were able to support my phone over very bumpy country roads!

SnapTo Car Mount with Wireless Charging


The last product, and the one I was most impressed with, was the IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector. This product excited me on multiple levels. Not only is the protector itself incredibly strong - stronger, even, than tempered glass - but it also protects your screen from being viewed by prying eyes. The screen protector is edge to edge, and precision moulded for your curved touchscreen. On top of all of this, it is also incredibly slim - up to 40% thinner, in fact, than your average glass screen protector. In short, it is a wonderful piece of tech.

IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector



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