After my 15-minute warm up exercise routine, I set out on bi-weekly 4-mile city run. I wanted to put these Cloudswift trainers to the test. Before I put them on, I had to re-lace the trainers. Call it what you like but since an early age I have to make sure the lengths are correct on the laces as well as the tension across the top of my feet. This process was over quickly and soon were upon my feet. The first thing I noticed was how light they felt, very bouncy and springy too. The breathable engineered mesh of the inner sock fitted snugly around my feet giving me a sense of confidence that the trainer was going to keep my feet within. Over my time running, I have been prone to a few twisted ankles. Whilst these trainers will not fully eliminate a twist, I most certainly felt my feet were firmly grounded to minimize the risk. I set off, it was quite a hot day and soon my heart was beating harder, beads of perspiration dripped off me but interestingly my feet were still cool. My feet were not slipping within these trainers as they have done in the past with a wider known and mass-produced manufacturer of trainer. I was impressed. I was still bouncing up to the 4-mile mark. Perhaps this is the CloudTec® in Helion™ superfoam within the sole. A great feature, it’s strong, durable and full of grip. Looking forward to my next run. Hoping for rain as it will be interesting to see how grippy these will be in the wet.

RRP £135


Pros - Choice of 5 Colors – Rust Rock being my favourite, lightweight, flexible sole, lots of buoyancy and spring from the sole

Cons – Whilst marketed as an Urban trainer - times will happen when mud is collected and trapped within 16 holes in the tread per trainer plus too along the deep gap at the bottom of sole, no tag to pull trainer on from the heel (other models have this)

Rating 4.5 stars