The Panorama T4 from Nektar is much more than just a keyboard. It can be used with any MIDI music application, and with most major DAWs it also benefits from in-depth integration with the programme which allows advanced levels of control for the user. These DAWs include Bitwig, Cubase, GarageBand, Logic, Nuendo, Reason, Reaper and Studio One.

The T4 comes with 49 keys, as opposed to the T6’s 61. These synth-action keys are smooth and responsive, complete with aftertouch. With jacks for an expression pedal and foot switch, this keyboard will allow you to do everything you want to when it comes to the basics of playing, but, of course, the true appeal of the T4 is in all of its bells and whistles.

The T4 and the larger T6 seek to give their users control, and that means easy editing and customisation. Using Nektarine, a plug-in host exclusive to Nektar, you can add instrument plug-ins with ease and go deep into adjusting them. Usually, many DAWs are limited in the number of parameters they provide for plugins you load: via Nektarine you have unlimited control. In fact, overall, the T4 really feels like it’s yours to customise as you want. When connected up to a DAW like the programmes listed above, you can navigate and mix your track with ease – the communication between your input and your editing feels seamless with this easy back-and-forth between devices.

An awesome additional feature are pressure pads that allow you to record drumming on the move with the same ease as the keyboard allows the entry of, with the right plugins, any other possible instrument. You can synth a whole orchestra with this set-up if you want to, with fantastically smooth communication between your keys and your programme of choice.

One handy feature is the ‘repeat’ function. Using the Key Repeat and Pad Repeat buttons, you can set the rate and tempo at which you want a beat or set of notes to repeat. This is a really handy feature – especially when you’re experimenting and wanting to ad-lib around some repeating, layering themes.

If you’re looking to get deeper into music mixing and recording, and don’t have a set-up you’re married to yet, this is a fantastic option. Or, if you know someone passionate about music who needs an upgrade, this could be the kit to unlock their potential this Christmas. Check out the website for this product’s full specs – it has way too many capabilities for us to cover here!

Keys with aftertouch
Real-time control of trigger rate, accent, swing and gate.
Separate settings for keys and pressure pads
Control velocity
Access to Nektar plugin control in any VST/VST3/AU DAW
Customise mapping or create plugin maps from scratch.
Usable with all MIDI programmes and deep integration with most major DAWs