This is a great nostalgic item to be released. Firstly it has Street Fighter 2 champion edition, as well as Street Fighter 2 Turbo, so it is two games in one. It also included a bonus mini fight stick for 2 player competition. There are two USB ports on the back to add the extra controller into the game. It also offers a nice touch with 2 coin slots with replica’s coins that also come with. The game play is brilliant with the buttons/joystick being very clear and self-explanatory. It has 2 speakers on the back with a volume control at the top, so as to bring back those nostalgic polyphonic sounds.

All in all, a fun and realistic Arcade game from back in the day. The game play is reactive and high quality, would definitely recommend.

Definite pro with the extra controller and the extra game included. The build itself is realistic and very stylish also.


RRP £99.99

Rating 4.5 Stars