I bought these headphones a while ago now and I’m really impressed. Good sound, good fit, good battery life and nice to be free of cords. No hassle to pair the headphones with the phone, no hassle with wires, no hassle at all. Highly recommended!

I really like the new Bluetooth 5.0 and the associated improvements to battery life. This is something new that – to my knowledge - no other company or earphone manufacture has released. They have really set the bar high for other earphones coming to the market.

The case that charges the headphones works well, however, it is a bit on the thick side so it is difficult to get it to comfortably sit in the back pocket, it can fit in a large front pocket but it’s more comfortable in a bag. The magnets in both the lid and the headphones work well, and - crucially - the headphones do not fall out of the case; unfortunately they are less secure in my ears (which are not magnetic)!

RRP £99

Use the discount code thegadgethead for 15% off.



 Good battery life. The earphone style is very nice

Cons: I found these very unsecure while moving about, the charging case is very bulky

Rating: 3.5 stars